Here at Coastal Dental Care we provide a full range of Preventive, Routine and Cosmetic dental treatments. More details on the services we offer can be found below. We are a wheelchair accessible family practice open since 1992 and welcome patients of all ages. We encourage parents to bring their children for regular checkups from 3 years of age. By starting young, a child can associate going to the dentist as a positive experience. We also endeavour to make even the most nervous of patient at ease when they visit.


Dental Examinations

We want to help you keep your teeth for your lifetime.  At your regular “check-ups” the dentist will examine your mouth and take x-rays where necessary to obtain more information.  At a dental examination, the dentist will be checking the health of your teeth, the health of your gums and also be assessing and screening your mouth for other conditions, in particular oral cancer.

Regular dental examinations mean earlier detection and less treatments, and therefore less problems.  A more in-depth examination may be required if you have gum disease or require more comprehensive treatment e.g. crown and bridge work or cosmetic treatment.


When a tooth has been damaged, by decay or as a result of trauma , it needs to be restored.  Fillings are materials which replace missing tooth structure.

Traditionally silver metal fillings (amalgam) have been used to “fill” / restore the cavity (hole) in the tooth.  But now, white tooth-coloured fillings (composites) which bond or stick to the teeth  are more common, in particular in front teeth.  There are still some clinical situations where it would be more preferable to use a silver filling.  the choice of filling material is discussed with the patient at the time.  

Dental Veneers

These are thin coloured pieces of porcelain which are bonded on the front of your own tooth.  Porcelain veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth which have large fillings or are discoloured, or are misshapen.  They have a lovely, natural lustre to them.


Simply, a bridge is a manufactured tooth (prosthesis) which is made to replace a missing tooth.  It is attached directly to the adjacent teeth and spans the missing tooth space.

A conventional bridge requires preparing the adjacent teeth, a preparation similar to a crown.  Impressions of the upper and lower teeth and the bite are taken and sent off to a dental laboratory  where a dental technician will make a custom made bridge.  This is then fitted in your mouth 2 to 3 weeks later with a specialised dental cement.

An adhesive bridge, or Maryland bridge, also attaches to the adjacent teeth but involves minimal preparation of the adjacent teeth.


A crown is placed when a tooth has been compromised – having lost tooth structure earlier as a result of decay or trauma.  It restores and reinfoces the tooth.  The tooth is prepared so that a crown (also known as a cap) can encompass and protect a tooth, thereby reinforcing it.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment, or Endodontic Treatment is required when a tooth is dead or dying.  In the centre of the tooth is the pulp, which has the blood vessels and nerve.  If the pulp is damaged either by decay or trauma the tooth will die.  If left untreated you may get an abscess and experience a lot of discomfort.

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene is delivered by our dental hygienist.  This treatment includes cleaning your teeth, removing plaque, tartar and staining.  It also includes oral hygiene instruction, i.e. the best brushing technique for you and how best to clean in between your teeth.  This is especially important where you have a history of gum disease, if you have crown and bridgework and implants, or are in orthodontic treatment.  Our dental hygienist will access your specific needs and instruct you in best care.

It is highly recommended that you attend regular hygiene appointments to maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are protective plastic coatings which are used most commonly on the back teeth to seal the grooves. Fissure sealants together with good oral hygiene and a healthy diet help prevent decay. Fissure sealants are frequently called paintings.

Mouth guards

For the active lifestyle, we recommend a custom made mouth guard/gum shield. Thankfully the GAA, rugby club and hockey club have made wearing a mouth guard compulsory. They should be essential equipment for all contact sports.